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The TAC DRIVER is specifically designed for ELR cartridges based on the .505 Gibbs bolt face (.640 rim diameter) or the 416 Rigby bolt face (.585 rim diameter), and other cartridges populer in The King of 2 Mile competitions. It is available in both 1.45 and 1.60 diameters, either repeater or single shot. TAC DRIVER repeater

actions have no feed lips and use only center feed box magazines. The TAC DRIVER actions use a straight bolt handle with threaded bolt knob. One piece picatinny rails in 0, 20 and 40 moa off set are available. The bolts have a new proprietary coating that makes them as smooth as glass.


Receiver Material: 416 Stainless hardened to 42 Rockwell
Receiver Length: 10.25”
Receiver Diameter: 1.45” or 1.60”
Headspace: 1.100”
Headspace tolerance is held to +/- .001”
Tenon threads Threads are made with a single point boring bar and indexed to top center of action. This allows any barrel ever fitted to a Stiller Action to be screwed onto any other Stiller Action without need for re-headspacing or re-indexing.
Bolt Design: .750” diameter
One piece fluted on top and sides but not the bottom so that flutes will not interfere with magazine lips. TAC 1.45 and 1.60 actions have straight bolt handle. Bolt knob is threaded and comes equipped with a large knob with 5/16 x 24 thread. Aftermarket knobs can be swapped out by user or gunsmith.

Bolt Stop: On side of receiver opposite bolt handle above the stock line
Bolt Throw: 90 degree
Bolt Material: Chrome Molly hardened to 42 Rockwell
Bolt Coating: Proprietary double layer coating makes them as smooth as glass
Firing Pin: Fluted Stainless Steel, .068 diameter tip, Chrome
silicon spring
Extractor/Ejector: Modified M16 type extractor, Rem 700 style
pin ejector
Recoil Lug: 416R Stainless parallel sided or tapered. .187” (Rem700 standard) or .300” produced in house and surface ground to
.0002” tolerance.

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