TAC 338

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Whether your plan is hunting big game or extreme long-range competitions, you cannot go wrong with a big bore rifle built on the TAC 338 action.

The TAC 338 is specifically designed for cartridges with a .585 rim diameter such as the .416 Rigby, the 338 Lapua Magnum or the 378 Weatherby based cartridges.

With a larger footprint, the diameter is 0.050 larger and the length is 0.465 longer to accommodate the larger bolt face.


Action Body: 19 oz
Bolt Only: 13 oz
Body, bolt, rail, recoil lug, and trigger pins​: 35.9 oz

Receiver Material: 416R Stainless
Receiver Length: 9.165”
Receiver Diameter: 1.4" Action screw spacing is 8.715". Front screw to rear recoil lug is 1.365"
Headspace: 1.000" +/- .001"
Tenon threads: 1.125-16 TPI UN-3B. Threads are made with a single point boring bar and indexed to top center of action. This allows any barrel ever fitted to a Stiller Action to be screwed onto any other Stiller Action without need for re-headspacing or re-indexing.

Bolt Design: One piece fluted on top and sides but not the bottom so that flutes will not interfere with magazine lips. TAC 338 actions have a straight bolt handle. Bolt knob is threaded and comes equipped with a large knob with 5/16 x 24 thread. Aftermarket knobs can be swapped out by user or gunsmith.
Bolt Diameter: 0.747"
Bolt Stop: On side of receiver opposite bolt handle above the stock line
Bolt Throw: 90 degrees
Bolt Material: 4140
Bolt Coating: Black Nitride
Firing Pin: Fluted Stainless Steel, .067" diameter tip
Extractor/Ejector: Modified M16 type extractor, Rem 700 style pin ejector
Recoil Lug: 416R Stainless parallel sided or tapered. .187” (Rem700 standard) or .300” produced in house and surface ground to .0002” tolerance.

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